The presented proposal has the architectural, spatial and landscape innovation, as the main instrument of the Mirante Park’s re-adaptation and revitalization. Sustainable and intelligent innovation is based on the assumption that it is possible to combine new digital and constructive technologies with the natural environment. Thus, the project contemplates the construction of daring structures for the formation of two new belvederes over the Piracicaba River’s waters, creating a unique, spatial and sensorial experience.

The bold structures over the waters come in different levels. The highest, 18 meters above the water level, and the lowest, 4 meters above. This results in 14 meters of unevenness between the viewpoints, which allow different sensations and views of the river, the park and the city.

It has been proposed a pedestrian path with a design marked by undulating curves, where it is placed between a curve and another, attractive elements from the commercial and leisure point of view, such as restaurant, cafes, bars, skating rink, and a remarkable amphitheater for music shows, dance and theater shows.

The resolving flows of people and vehicles is a key functional element. The priority is always for the traffic of pedestrians, followed by bicycles, which counts on a bike path entering the whole extension of the park and bike racks.

The implementation of touch screen totems can provide information about the history of the park, the Piracicaba City and about the new revitalization interventions, events, and diverse informations. There is also a whole set of park signage, with signs, indicative elements, tourist information and help centers, service equipment such as accessible toilets, drinking fountains, benches, dumps, among others.

The lighting system aims to enhance the spaces and equipment for night use, favoring the safety and users comfort. The lighting integrates with landscaping, which is designed with conservation parameters for native species, incorporates some new species of trees and mainly new vegetation compositions for lining. The small vegetation between the trees is that assumes the role of drawing the nature with colors, textures and varied forms.

Project Facts
  • Location : Piracicaba, Brazil
  • Date : 2014
  • Site Area : 38.630 m²
  • Project Area: 38.630 m²
  • Category : Culture + Leisure
  • Service : Urbanism

Sketches + Drawings

Models + Diagrams