Educational Center (CED)

The Educational Center (CED), which is part of the Crixa Neighborhood project in the Sao Sebastiao-DF Administrative Region, aims to meet the demand for Community Public Equipments to the population that will occupy this new neighborhood. There are 3,120 Housing Units and an estimated population of 10,296 people. Understanding that the school’s connection to urban infrastructure is paramount, the proposal was created to provide the best access to students and their families, as well as the employees and the execution of services, considering the traffic flows of streets and avenues, the relations of private and public urban space, and the prioritization of urban mobility for pedestrians and cyclists.

In addition to the road systems, the terrain topography was decisive for the definition of the proposal in four levels of plateaus (sports court, ground floor, parking 1 and 2), since the level difference of about 8 meters required the perfect balance between cut volumes and landfill, providing a cheaper and more efficient work. The main building block is organized on two levels: Ground Floor and First Floor.

The Educational Center was conceived in blocks intermediated by covered and uncovered courtyards that create spaces of coexistence and social integration for the students. At the ground level are the Administrative, Services, Laboratories, Multipurpose Room, Scenic Room, and Auditorium for 150 people. In the first floor, there are Classrooms, Computer Laboratory, Pedagogical Attendance Rooms and Facilities. The vertical circulation has an accessible ramp (in accordance with the Accessibility Standard NBR 9050), main stair facing the entrance circulation of students and secondary stairs between each block. The optimization of these circulations facilitates the student activities, teachers and employees in general. The dressing room, dining room and kitchen area faces the east side, on Sao Sebastiao Avenue, where a bus stop is provided, and where the best access is provided for loading and unloading services. In the southern part of the lot, of higher topography, are the parking lots for employees and student families with access by Crixa Avenue. Also on Crixa Avenue, there is access for students. It was decided to stimulate the flow students in this internal way to the neighborhood for being closer to residences and to have less traffic of heavy vehicles. To the north, there is the sports sector, with a sport court and locker rooms, as well as offering the city a qualified free space for public use, configured as a square equipped with bicycle, playground and outdoor gym. This space establishes permeable visual transitions with the interior of the school by the enclosure in cobogos, establishing connections between the public and private space.

Project Facts
  • Location : Sao Sebastiao - DF, Brazil
  • Date : 2018
  • Site Area : 9,500 m²
  • Project Area: 5,035 m²
  • Number of Stories : 2
  • Construction Height: 10.30 m
  • Category : Education + Health
  • Service : Architecture

Sketches + Drawings

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