The New Newsstand project for Largo da Batata in São Paulo city has as main base the Technology. All the design and embedded technical solutions were developed in order to allow the access to technology integrated with the products offered inside the newsstand. The design of simple and surrounding lines seeks an aspect of homogeneity and formal sobriety on exterior that is in direct contact with the city, contrasting with the dynamism of inner colors that is typical by newsstand because of the material available. Around the technological base, New Newsstand provides access to the Internet, with search programs for newsstand products where users can view the magazines and newspapers covers in a quick and interactive way, the Cultural Space with touch screen telling the story of São Paulo, innovative and flexible internal furniture, and constructive solutions for thermal comfort, acoustic, safety and lighting.

The New Newsstand furniture is inspired by the contemporary look of Brazilian bookstores. Composing the interior set, floor, ceiling, lighting equipment, sound and safety, they were also chosen to provide an innovative look that is not seen on today’s newsstands. The project seeks the implementation of new tools for access to information, such as touch screen computers for internet access and research of materials available in the newsstand. Another computational tool can be called “Cultural Space”, with information about Largo da Batata and history of São Paulo City. The idea is that the newsstand be also a place to sell technological products such as cell phones, IPads, iPhones, Cameras, Games, DVDs, and other accessories. The furniture’s materials were chosen for their durability, ease of maintenance and environmental sustainability.

Project Facts
  • Location : São Paulo, Brazil
  • Date : 2012
  • Site Area : 15 m²
  • Project Area: 15 m²
  • Construction Height: 3,2 m
  • Category : Commercial , Furniture Design
  • Service : Architecture

Sketches + Drawings

Models + Diagrams