Agora Tech Park

The Agora Tech Park starts from the urban premise of Smart Cities to create an innovative Technology Center with high-quality environments that drives the development of research, foster learning, and attract technology companies. The concept of open, flexible and collaborative spaces was adopted within each individual building, but also in the set as a whole, which is unified by a continuous roof. The visual fluidity provided by an unified roof also translates into building facades and symmetrical composition.

The use of metallic materials and glass aims to create a high-tech atmosphere. The unified roof of the set creates at the same time the feeling of amplitude and reception, monumentality and intimacy. Provides protection from rain and sun without blocking the movement of the winds. Pedestrians can access the Headquarters and Teaching & Research buildings with free views to the forest preserved in the background, through a ground floor that shelter the Coffee Shops, or in the building interstitial spaces. A long water mirror uses the same concept of continuity to make the transition between the forest and the architectural complex.

The first building (Headquarters Building) stands out on the corner between Fabio Perini and Pisa Avenues, forming a perfect geometry with the axis of the roundabout and highlighting the access to the building. Wide frontal spaces of coexistence are permeated with landscaping, lighting and benches. The symmetry symbolized in the constructive order is concretized in the Teaching and Research building with access at the other roundabout. Among them, a Commercial Center with food court, market, commerce and services. At the ends of the ensemble, a semi-circular amphitheater inspired by the ancient Greek amphitheaters, and a Hotel that adopts a central courtyard composition surrounded by rooms.

The geometric elegance and rationality of the whole joins the functional and programmatic aspects, such as parking spaces and access of loading and unloading vehicles. Within the concept of sustainable urban mobility of the Smart Cities, shared electric and compact cars (Smart Cars) can be replenished with electricity generated from solar energy and provide a sustainable technological experience for the transportation of workers and visitors of the Perini Business Park. The bicycle is another sustainable transport that can be shared on the available bike stands. An internal bicycle lane connects the ends of the assembly and can be incorporated in the future into a bicycle lane system that serves the whole condominium.

The idea of shared electric cars is just one of the so-called “internet of things” platforms, incorporating services and technology of physical and virtual things. Technology and innovation companies can directly apply their research and development plans to Ágora Tech Park’s own facilities, helping, for example, to improve shared transport systems by creating data visualization platforms for building energy consumption, water consumption, water reuse, etc. They can help to improve the efficiency of water treatment systems and develop new forms of clean energy production, such as wind energy.

Agora Tech Park establishes itself through formal and geometrical premises, functional and programmatic, technical and functional, as a high-quality Technological Center that, by attracting technology and innovation companies, can contribute to municipal and regional development; confirming the competence of Joinville in the industrial and technological pole, and advancing in the vocation of the city of entrepreneurship.

Project Facts
  • Location : Joinville, Brazil
  • Date : 2018
  • Site Area : 50,750 m²
  • Project Area: 18,523 m²
  • Number of Stories : 3
  • Construction Height: 15 m
  • Category : Institutional
  • Service : Architecture

Sketches + Drawings

Models + Diagrams