ArchiCAD BIM Experience, August 25th to 27th, São Paulo – SP

ArchiCAD BIM Experience, August 25th to 27th, São Paulo – SP


The BIM Technology Conference organized by Graphisoft marked the launch of ArchiCAD 20. The event took place from August 25 to 27, 2016, at The Capital Hotel in São Paulo. The event was attended by important Brazilian offices that use the software, such as Fernandes Associated Architects, Calmon Architecture, Gui Mattos Architecture, among others.

In addition to the lectures, workshops were held with specific topics such as “The power of I in BIM”, bringing the best of registration and transmission of information based on the model, “Stay Pro in BIMx”, where it was possible to learn more about the exploration tool of explorable files with full project documentation through tablets and smartphones.

One of the most outstanding lectures was with the theme “ArchiCAD 20 – Connection Rhino Grasshoper”. Participants learned how the connection system works with Grasshoper’s parametric scripting capabilities, where it is possible to define complex parameterization criteria, the connection of these configurations with the Rhinoceros (3D modeling program that allows the elaboration of more complex forms), which In turn are connected to ArchiCAD. In this way, BIM incorporates yet another advanced functionality, which enables the creation and execution of projects in a more complex way with quality assurance and optimized productivity.

“ArchiCAD BIM Experience was an excellent opportunity to learn and exchange experiences in a business environment and first-class events,” concludes the architect Alexandre Gonçalves, who participated in the event representing the AGA.


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