Who We Are

AGA – Alexandre Gonçalves Architecture – is a brazilian office of architecture and urbanism that has as premisse a creationist theory of architectural production. Our commitment is to produce sustainable and technological architecture of high quality, using the state-of-the-art digital technologies to design and build smart and innovative buildings and cities. HIGH-TECH SUSTAINABILITY AGA's practices are based on triad Sustainability-Technology-Structure. Digital technologies applied to architecture are powerful tools in the construction of smart and environmentally sustainable buildings. The preservation of nature and natural resources must be one of the main guidelines in the construction of a better planet, and architecture is an essential part of the ecological gear, as it defines the way we live, work and move. Structural systems are fundamental in this process, as they determine not only the appearance of buildings, but the relationship between architecture and engineering technical science, its physical and economic properties, as well as the technologies necessary for its execution. Ultimately, structural design defines form, so architecture is structure. Based on this ecological, technological and structural triad, AGA understands architecture as a disruptive element of creative innovation, which cannot be tied to an architectural style. Specific demands require innovative solutions.

How We Work

Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology enables integrated design development based on 3D Model that contains all constructive information. The customer can navigate the 3D environment and have the best perception of his business. Thus, AGA uses the most advanced architecture programs to achieve the best results.

The project is developed in a 3D environment from its conception to the executive project, allowing creative freedom, easy understanding for the client and technical consistency of constructive information. Graphical representations using realistic diagrams and images are another AGA’s differential quality.


Alexandre Gonçalves – Founding Partner of AGA

Architect and Urbanist graduated in 2009 by UNI-BH and founding partner of AGA. Over 10 years of profession, he has won several awards in architectural competitions, and developed his specialization in BIM Technology. Creator of DIGITAL.ARQ and AGA Play, platforms for online architecture courses. Acts as Entrepreneur and Investor, applying a management model that combines disruptive innovation with incremental improvement of existing processes.



2018 - Honorable Mention in the National Public Architecture Competition for Educational Center - CED Crixa Neighbourhood - in the Federal District

The Educational Center (CED), which is part of the Crixa Neighborhood project in the Sao Sebastiao-DF Administrative Region, aims to meet the demand for Community Public Equipments to the population that will occupy this new neighborhood. There are 3,120 Housing Units and an estimated population of 10,296 people. Understanding that the school's connection to urban infrastructure is paramount, the proposal was created to provide the best access to students and their families, as well as the employees and the execution of services, considering the traffic flows of streets and avenues, the relations of private and public urban space, and the prioritization of urban mobility for pedestrians and cyclists.


SITE AGA_SANTA MARIA_01-min2016 – 3rd place in the Architecture National Public Competition for Mixed Use Buildings in Santa Maria

Seeking to meet the demand for new housing units integrated to commerce (mixed use buildings) in the Administrative Area of Santa Maria – DF, the purpose develops in two lots of 1,200 m² each one, in two buildings that stand out for their relationship with the immediate environment. By promoting urban integration, with the encouragement of pedestrians across the block, commercial units on the ground floor are also activated and stimulated economically. Based on the concept of housing as an instrument of social integration, the buildings provide spaces for socializing among families, strengthening the community's friendly relations, as well as allowing dialogues with the city through views and space connections. The architectural conception is formed by 5 assumptions: URBANITY . DENSITY . ECONOMICITY . SOCIABILITY . SUSTAINABILITY The office receives a prize of 3,500 dollars for 3rd place, won among 55 competitors.
_01_25-fev2014 – Awarded in the Urban Essays Competition Winner of the Urban Essay National Competition, April / 2014; Promoted by the Municipal Department of Urban Development (SMDU) of São Paulo City, Brazil. Exhibitor of the award-winning work at the seminar Urban Essays Atelier, on August 20 and 21, 2014, in São Paulo. In the proposal of Alexandre Gonçalves, the block is projected as "unit of urban design", favoring the enjoyment of pedestrians across the court and mixed use. The winning project in category 5 was presented at the auditorium of Uninove University, in São Paulo, as part of the ideas that guided the parameters of the city's new Master Plan, sanctioned in July 2014.      

SITE AGA_BANCA NOVAS_032012 – Finalist in the New Newsstand Competition

Finalist of the New Newsstand Competition, December / 2012; Promoted by Editora Abril in partnership with the São Paulo City. The project of the architect Alexandre Gonçalves was one of the 15 finalists among 101 presented proposals. The New Newsstand project for Largo da Batata in São Paulo City is based on technology. All the design and technical solutions incorporated were developed due to the access to technology integrated with the products offered in the newsstand. The design of simple and enveloping lines seeks an aspect of homogeneity and formal sobriety in the exterior that is in direct contact with the city, contrasting with the dynamism of interior colors that is typical of the stands due to the material available.

foto-formatura2010 – Academic Highlight Award

Academic Highlight Award of the Architecture and Urbanism Course at UNI-BH Belo Horizonte University Center, referring to the graduation in the period of 2005-2009. The Final Graduation Work - Arena Celeste Stadium - was indicated for the 2010 Opera Prima Award.