AGA – Alexandre Gonçalves Architecture – is a brazilian office of architecture and urbanism that has as premisse a creationist theory of architectural production. Our commitment is to produce sustainable and technological architecture of high quality, using the state-of-the-art digital technologies to design and build smart and innovative buildings and cities.


AGA’s practices are based on triad Sustainability-Technology-Structure. Digital technologies applied to architecture are powerful tools in the construction of smart and environmentally sustainable buildings. The preservation of nature and natural resources must be one of the main guidelines in the construction of a better planet, and architecture is an essential part of the ecological gear, as it defines the way we live, work and move. Structural systems are fundamental in this process, as they determine not only the appearance of buildings, but the relationship between architecture and engineering technical science, its physical and economic properties, as well as the technologies necessary for its execution. Ultimately, structural design defines form, so architecture is structure. Based on this ecological, technological and structural triad, AGA understands architecture as a disruptive element of creative innovation, which cannot be tied to an architectural style. Specific demands require innovative solutions.